My Philosophy

I believe that women are the heartbeat of the community and the DNA behind the world’s evolution forward.


 Everyone in modern day times is taught a single path to success: Get an education and then get a job. What no one tells you, is HOW to get that job, and what to do to achieve success once you’ve got it. Or what to do when you don’t have a degree altogether. You’re simply tossed in the ocean of candidates and told to sink or swim. Without direction or guidance, people become stagnant in their positions, miss promotion opportunities, become dissatisfied and ultimately seek a new job only out of frustration.  No one talks about the short cuts that lead to career advancement, or the necessity of finding mentors, or the proper way to catalogue your career. It’s as if sharing this information somehow violates a trade secret. People horde the formula for success for themselves as if there’s not enough opportunities to go around. Truth is, there’s more than enough opportunity for everyone. You just need a plan to realize it.

There is a Better way

I want you to win.

I want women to win. I want YOU to win, period. That is why I’ve expanded my business and offer programs designed to give more women a safe space and platform to share their stories and expertise. My highly effective program teaches women end-to-end career planning. It works for women no matter what their circumstances.

Convert obstacles into your brand story

  • Don’t have a degree? No problem.
  • Re-entering the workforce after an extended absence? I’ve got you covered!
  • Mixed work history causing confusion on your resume? Easy peasy.

How is this possible when these circumstances are usually seen as obstacles? The answer is simple. My strategies convert your skills, experience, and expertise in to your own brand story. 

Get CLEAR and light your career on fire

My program “Career on Fire” empowers women across the country to get clear about their career goals. After working through the program they elevate their visibility to potential employers in the marketplace and have the confidence to see themselves in more fulfilling roles in their choice of organizations. I’m an expert at it, and will walk you through the process every step of the way.

Being a leader of women isn’t just what I do, it’s in my blood

I learned my beliefs from growing up around multiple generations of strong, courageous women who achieved career success in the face of social, economic, gender and racial barriers. 

My family history ignited my passion for helping women and is the cornerstone of everything I do. I’m living proof that anyone can achieve success with the right plan, mentors, and coaches in your corner. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward and help women like you!

I launched Career on Fire in 2019 because I needed a bigger platform to help more women achieve success.

My Grandmother

Beginning with my grandmother, whose humble beginnings as a single mother on public assistance in the projects of Chicago left her struggling to care for her family. She learned from community mentors, worked hard and eventually achieved multiple promotions and retired as a regional Superintendent for the United States Postal Service.

My Mother

Or my mother, the first of black women admitted in to the all-male dominated Advanced Electronics Program for the US Navy in the 70’s. Through gender and racial adversity, she still achieved several promotions and rank advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer with Special Welfare Group One; and opportunity that positioned her to work with and train Navy Seals.

My Heroes

These women, these Avatars, faced all sorts of obstacles along their journey, and yet still managed to carve out a pathway of success. But they never stopped at their own success. Each of them always returned to the community, reached back and brought other women with them.  I cannot tell you the dozens of stories I have heard from friends, community members, and strangers about the work my mother and grandmother did in the community.

Why I Slay

My family is my everything! My kids, my partner, my dog, my parents, nothing matters more to me than giving them the life, laughter and love they deserve. When I’m not being a busy bee at work, I can be found with them; enjoying a movie, visiting a foodie destination, or getting away for vacation.

Other things that bring me joy: All things Nerd, Beyoncé, or Movie related. My current obsessions include Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, Game of Thrones, and of course, the TV show Supernatural.

Miracles and Blessings


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