Are You Ready to Slay?

Hi! I’m Mecca

I’m on a mission to help 100,000 women get promoted

I teach ambitious career women actionable steps for building career success. I am known for providing a direct, down-to-earth approach, while still holding a compassionate, supportive space for my clients.

The Passion


Women are the heartbeat of the community and the DNA behind the world’s evolution forward. We are the magic that gives birth to the impossible, the fire that forges the framework for our future, the glue that bonds our evolution to our revolution.

We. Make. Shit. Happen.
For everyone else.

As women, we don’t often give ourselves the time and space to plan our career. We allow our ambitions to take a back seat in favor of the mission and growth of others. We advance in position, salary, and authority at rates much lower than our male counterparts. We delay our seat at the table.

That ends the moment you enter Mecca’s world.

Career On Fire


A mastermind, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is designed to walk you through each of the nine critical steps to expedite career advancement. You will learn directly from Mecca through group coaching sessions, hands-on input, and weekly crafted training lessons.

Unlock your confidence and learn to lead with principle and passion

Partner with your fellow COF peers as you explore new techniques to expand your network and industry influence. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’re not good enough, not connected enough, not educated enough, not talented enough, or don’t have enough experience, to have, do, or achieve your goals – let’s chat and see if this masterclass is right for you!

Did we mention there’s a 5-star resort retreat?

She Climbs


The difference between the candidates who THRIVE and those who GET BY is simple, they have a BETTER PLAN.

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to build an effective career plan that elevates their skills, expertise, access, and influence so they can consistently experience accelerated career advancement while commanding a higher salary.

Now, I’m holding a free masterclass to show you my Framework so that you can do the same.

During this masterclass, I’ll show you nine strategies to expedite career advancement that will have employers and recruiters competing in your inbox to present you with career advancement opportunities.

And if you’re afraid to put yourself out there, I’ll teach you a strategy that builds confidence and helps you harness your inner greatness. 

Read This


The Plan to Slay Facebook community is curated to support the professional and personal development of badass career-focused women who prefer kicking down the doors of opportunity to waiting for it to knock.

We begin with the KEI’s to success:




  • Explore options for elevating your career through monthly group classes
  • Partner with a sisterhood of women to network and sharpen your career skills
  • Cultivate solutions for everyday obstacles that career women, working mothers, and community leaders face.

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